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Nov 3, 2009 - England, Fun, of the Day    1 Comment

Picture of the Day: Dollar suddenly worth a lot!

I am sure you have ask yourself before, how much worth is a dollar. Well currently it is worth A LOT! Two days ago with 1,02 Swiss Francs (Fr.) I could buy 1 Dollar. Today according to the “Baz”-newspaper for one dollar you get 100.- Fr. ! I am glad I still have dollar bills worth around 100 dollars at home! They are worth around 1000.- Fr. !!! Investing in the dollar is really profitable these days!

PS. Of course the newspaper just forgot the dot between the 1 and the zero. Sorry Americans but your dollar is as much worth as one Swiss France. Maybe it will be more tomorrow, but for today we are even!
Dollar Swiss Francs

Oct 22, 2009 - England, of the Day    2 Comments

Picture of the Day: MEAT!

bag with meat

Sorry to all vegetarians! Today was a good day! Not only because I didn’t have school in the afternoon. No, also because we received about 14,6 of fresh Swiss meat. I did the math for you guys and it is 30,9 pound! (If you want to check: 1kg is 2,2 pound) Now you are probably thinking that in Switzerland everybody buys meat like that. But that is not the case. Normally Swiss buy it like normal civilized people in¬†grocery¬†stores in smaller amounts. But our family has some good connections with a farmer. So, we could buy it from him! Sadly we only got one piece for dinner, but at least something. The rest of it went right a way in the freezer where it hides from the big hungry Raphy! One day Raphy will have NO MERCY!!! :D

PS. I wanted also to apologize to everybody that I didn’t wrote much the past week (actually nothing)A special sorry goes to the people who check my blog every hour! I was REALLY busy with school stuff ;-) (procrastination :P )

Aug 27, 2009 - England, Fun, of the Day    3 Comments

Teacher Quote of the Day: Americans Are Hypocrites??

Today in my English class for some reason we got to the subject how to say “I am going to the bathroom”. A friend of mine said he would say “I am going to take a number 2″ my teacher said it wouldn’t be very polite and “I am going on the toilet” would be to more proper way to say it. After that I shared a story: Once I asked an old lady where the toilet was. She totally shocked answered, that a young polite boy never ever asks for the toilet, he would ask for the bath- or restroom. After telling this, my teacher threw his hands in the air and says:

“All Americans are hypocrites!”

and he added America makes movies like American Pie but don’t say toilet. How ironic! =D You need to understand the sarcasm and irony of my teacher at this point. So don’t feel to offended. I would call it cultural difference ;)

PS: Let me know how you would say “I am going to the bathroom”! :)