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Feb 5, 2010 - England, Sport, Trips    2 Comments

Study or Fail!

Hello everybody!

Yes, I am still alive and I haven’t given up my blog. The last 4 weeks were just really busy for me. So busy that I couldn’t even update my blog.

So, you are probably asking yourself what did Raphy do in January? Well second of week of Januray I went to a snowboard camp! I got suspended from school for a week, which was really awesome! In that camp I got trained to a snowboard instructor. We stayed in a really nice hotel! Twin rooms with televisions, bath and shower included! I expected some military barracks with really uncomfortable beds. The whole week the sun shone, the snow was perfect and I just had a blast in that snowboard trainee camp.

Third week back in school! I had to catch up with all the materials I missed. Or better I should have. Still I had to study for some exams and write two essays: one about the city “Basel” and second a portrait of a teacher. The teacher one was actually fun to write.

Week four of January I got the chance to show off all my new learned skills in snowboarding. I went to another snowboard camp, this time not as participant but as a leader. My brother came along as a participant. Sadly he does skiing and not snowboarding. (snowboarding is way better…) Otherwise I probably would have been his instructor. The camp was a snow sport camp of my school. Every grade until the 12th grade has such a camp once a year.

I had a great time. It was fun to teach some younger kids of my school some snowboarding tricks. Only bad part about the camp: There was some kind of virus going around. About 85% of all kids got sick and had to throw up for a day. panorama viewAfter having the virus 24h the kids were normally fine. Fortunately I didn’t catch the virus but my brother did. I am not telling you how many times he had to throw up that one night. It was just gross. But again, other than that, we had a great week!

Right now I have to catch up with a lot of materials and it seems like every teacher is just throwing around with test, exams, essays, books, and presentations assignments. So, right now I don’t see through the tunnel of school work, but I guess I will survive it. Since I have winter break in just one week!!!

Till then my motto is: Study or fail! :P

Dec 21, 2009 - everyday life, Trips    No Comments

Surprisingly Snow

Some times events come up really surprisingly. I already got used of the fact that my comeback in snowboarding will be somewhere in February, 2010. But then it came all differently. As some of you may know in Switzerland it is a tradition that every year the school organizes a ski camp for almost each grade. Well, my grade of course didn’t have such a privilege of a ski camp any more. We will have some project in that week :-/. But there is a possibility dsc00163to go with a younger grade as a counselor. Last week one of the teacher suddenly asked me if I still would like to be a counselor. Of course I said yes! Now I had to sign up for a snowboard counselor training camp and who thought: the first training day was last sunday!

So, last sunday I went snowboarding for the first time since more than one and a half year. I was a little worried because we had to show off some of our skills and pass a “snowboarding skill test”. But after the first run down the slop it was clear, I started right up where I stopped. Easily I passed the test and could enjoy the rest of the day!
At the last run down it got really foggy. I could barley see 2 yards wide. I got completely lost. There I was lost, somewhere in the Swiss Alps, no idea where I came from and no idea where I should go. The only way was down. I just kept going that way till I finally found an old rusty ski-lift. There was an old man who tried to tell me the way down to the main station but I could not really follow his description. I took the lift up to the tip of the mountain and tried to follow his direction. Luckily there were some other people who I could follow. I finally found the way down! Totally exhausted of the long day but really happy of my first day snowboarding in a long time, I took the train home!
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Fall Break (and so on)

Here my school break scheduleAt the moment I am enjoying three weeks of fall break. Two weeks are already over but in those two weeks I spent my days in south Switzerland at our apartment in the mountains. We had a great and really relaxing time up there. At the end of this post I have some pictures with impressions for you guys.

But today I actually want to write about how this all works with school breaks in Switzerland. Well, as most of you probably already know the breaks are much more spread out over the whole year rather than having a huge summer break and a week of spring break. In Switzerland school starts usually at the beginning of august. Then we have seven weeks of school till we get our next break. The fall break, which is three weeks long, is usually around end of september. My birthday (9.25) is usually in the last week of school, which is really uncool because the last week of school is always filled with plenty of test and quizzes. Not a fun time! For some reason every teacher thinks we have to earn every vacation we get.
After those three week of time without school we have school till Christmas. It is always a very long time and at the end I am always feeling that I am done with school for the rest of my life. But after ten days that we get of during new years and Christmas time we already have school again. But the Winter break already comes after six more weeks. It is “only” two weeks long. But it is long enough the go snowboarding in the mountains!
After getting sun burned in the mountains we have the shortest time of school. We only have to work through four weeks of school till we get the next break. It is called spring break. After those two weeks of spring break there is no more mercy and we have school till the beginning of JULY! And if you think that isn’t to bad because of the many holidays, you are wrong. We have around 3 holidays in the entire year!
When we finally reached july we get five weeks summer break. You see, I have a really tough time here in Switzerland since last year I almost had three month of summer break! Just another reason why I love the United States. But I have to say, besides the short summer break, I like the spread out system better. In five weeks free time I usually forget most of what I have learnt in the past school year. So if I would have three month, I think I would be lost and we would need two month of repetition of the last year. And also I think having shorter breaks but more during the year helps to boost your school performance. You can always “recharge” after while.
Which system do you think is better? One huge break in the middle of the year or small breaks spread out during the whole year? Let me know!

Daniel, my Dad, and Jerry getting started for a bike tour.My Dad painting balcony rail (I helped him xD )Don't think this is a typical Swiss roadA valleyBeautiful flower, don't ask how it is called...Hiking signMy mum doesn't like this hatMoonrise view from our apartmentThat's how I usually woke upPlaying billiard (I won all three games and I did not cheat!)Rainbow (again view from our apartment)Another Swiss roadThis is a hotel =DJust a nice pathCarlina acaulisAnother nice view