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I shot the swine flu

img_4652I know it has been a really long time since I wrote. And I apologize, but there are cool things coming up. So, don’t Western union money order worry I will keep up my blog.
So lets get to the subject. I don’t know how you guys in the States are dealing with the swine flu right now. In Switzerland the government has set up some safety precautions. Since I am back there are TV-ads that tell you to wash your hand all the time and do all the other stuff to prevent getting infected. Now, since there is the second wave coming the hole nation will get shot. Well, not literally, but everybody gets a free inoculation. Of course you don’t have to, but they hardly recommend it.
Last week a girl of my class got infected with the h1n1-virus and there are many other cases in my school. Now the swine flu is here, and some people are really worried about it. Some schools even closed to stop the expansion of the flu. Of course my school is still open and source of education! But the flu is all over the press and I think there is no newspaper without nothing about the flu.
My whole family took advantage of the free inoculation, my mom really wanted that we all get it. So last Saturday I went the “shot center” and got one. There weren’t many people there. Even though the government has bought about 12 million shots and is giving them out for free, most people don’t want the antivirus. I think it can’t hurt you, so why not getting what is for free, right?
Today I regret my decision to get the shot because I am suffering under the side-effects of the shot. I have a huge headache, also my muscles are aching and I feel very dizzy. Hopefully this will run away quick so that my decision was the right one. For today it was the wrong. But when you see it over a long term it probably was the right one.
Hope you guys are dealing well with the flu! Don’t get infected! Wash your hands all the time and don’t sneeze in your hands ;-) !

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  • yeah Peru is gonna be awesome!
    and thanks i try to stay healthy.. especially during christmas time! :D

  • I don’t understand why you guys got sick. The shot is an inactivated virus, not live, so there’s no reason for you to get sick. Maybe it’s an allergic reaction? Well, maybe the Swiss version is different. In the US we have two: shot inactivated, and the spray vaccine that is ALIVE when it goes into you. I got that done today and it was a little like breathing in pool water. Afterwards the nurse explained, “Now, don’t sneeze or breathe on anybody for the next two days. Make sure you wash your hands because you’re infected.” So, wait, did I just GET H1N1?!!? :o Crazy…
    Got yellow fever shot today too… yeah for Peru!
    Anyway, try and stay healthy Raphy!

  • One of my colleagues got also side-effects like an aching arm and even fever…

    • yeah those side-effects went forever. i actually was sick for about 3 days… headache, upset stomach, muscle ache, really dry skin, and just filling really sick. But i think i am an exception, i am the person i know with side effects…

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