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Lovely Hamburg

Wow it has been a really long time since I updated you guys the last time. I don’t even want to count back the days because that would take me too long. I am thankful for everybody who is still checking my blog for updates and new entries. You guys are awesome and true followers of my blog ;) !

I thought a lot about how I am going to maintain my blog in the future. How I can keep it so that it doesn’t take up to much of my rare free time. My idea is now that I am changing my blog to a “photoblog”, where I will upload pictures I take and want to share with you guys. So basically there will be more pictures and less stories about my life. But don’t worry, every pictures writes its own story and it is true when they say “A picture says more than a 1000 words”! So, actually this will be even more interesting. And for those of you who are interesting in photography I am also going to write how I took a certain shot…

But for today I just want to show you a few pictures I’ve taken this summer break. My family and I went to the city of Hamburg, North Germany. We had a blast up there! We staid at a deaconesses’ home, which was again a place of great hospitality. At this point I want to send out a huge thanks to them! From there we went see Hamburg City and the places around Hamburg. But enough the talking, let’s let the pictures do that:

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  • HA! The one with the 6 windmills looks like an AT&T commercial xD.. well, minus the last windmill. Wind turbine?
    Anyway, great pictures! Glad to see that you’re writing again =D

  • Superbilder auf deine Page.

    Liebe Grüsse

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