Oct 22, 2009 - England, of the Day    2 Comments

Picture of the Day: MEAT!

bag with meat

Sorry to all vegetarians! Today was a good day! Not only because I didn’t have school in the afternoon. No, also because we received about 14,6 of fresh Swiss meat. I did the math for you guys and it is 30,9 pound! (If you want to check: 1kg is 2,2 pound) Now you are probably thinking that in Switzerland everybody buys meat like that. But that is not the case. Normally Swiss buy it like normal civilized people in grocery stores in smaller amounts. But our family has some good connections with a farmer. So, we could buy it from him! Sadly we only got one piece for dinner, but at least something. The rest of it went right a way in the freezer where it hides from the big hungry Raphy! One day Raphy will have NO MERCY!!! :D

PS. I wanted also to apologize to everybody that I didn’t wrote much the past week (actually nothing)A special sorry goes to the people who check my blog every hour! I was REALLY busy with school stuff ;-) (procrastination :P )

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  • No we don’t really have real BBQ cause. Some people try to fake it, but it is not the real deal :( . At least we have some places with some “US” restaurants where you go for BBQ but this places are really rare, and I only know of one… So i guess it is a US thing ;)

  • That looks horrifyingly delicious.
    Hey Raphy, do you have BBQ in Switzerland? Do you ever go out for ribs or anything like that? I’m still trying to figure out if that’s just a US thing or if hot wings are universal at this point.
    Ribs sound so good right now… mmmm… ribs with slaw, macaroni & cheese, and sweet potato French fries. ^^

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