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Picture of the Day: Dollar suddenly worth a lot!

I am sure you have ask yourself before, how much worth is a dollar. Well currently it is worth A LOT! Two days ago with 1,02 Swiss Francs (Fr.) I could buy 1 Dollar. Today according to the “Baz”-newspaper for one dollar you get 100.- Fr. ! I am glad I still have dollar bills worth around 100 dollars at home! They are worth around 1000.- Fr. !!! Investing in the dollar is really profitable these days!

PS. Of course the newspaper just forgot the dot between the 1 and the zero. Sorry Americans but your dollar is as much worth as one Swiss France. Maybe it will be more tomorrow, but for today we are even!
Dollar Swiss Francs

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1 Comment

  • Hey Raphy,
    I don’t know what happened to the last comment I posted… It says “your comment is awaiting moderation,” so if a random blurb suddenly appears, it’s because the site finally figured out what to do with the comment (giving you fair warning, ha). Sorry if this shows up again.

    Lara Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    November 8th, 2009 at 5:28 am
    Hey Raphy!
    oooo Exchange Rates… at this point, I say forget about ‘em. If you want to travel, do it while you can. I know that’s not really the spirit of your post, but, since you mentioned it, I’m just saying that exchange rates should be the least of our worries when traveling. And you don’t have anything to worry about since you’re Swiss. You practically own the financial world.
    And, as an add on to your last post, no worries about being busy! It’s a GOOD thing. Don’t forget that. We’ll be here when life slows down a tad. As long as you throw us a bone every now and then, I think the majority of your blog-followers will be happy with you (count me in!).
    P.S. Check your MSN e-mail. ;)

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