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Snowboarding: ALL WINTER LONG!

I am back! Yeah I was snowboarding again. This time two weeks with a part of my family. We were at our apartment in the Swiss Alp. When you are interested, it is in South Switzerland in the Kanton Wallis. My brother and I got two weeks off for winter break!

My daily schedule is easily told: morning snowboarding, then having lunch at an “alp restaurant”, going back on the slopes till 5.00 PM, going home for dinner, and then watching the olympic games in Vancouver all night long!
That’s really almost all I did the past two weeks. It was a relaxing and also fun! Only the book presentation I had to prepare was a little bit a pain in the a**. I could choose when I wanted to do my presentation. The ones who were going to do it first will get some extra credit. So, I picked the first date to do it, ¬†which was the first day after the break. How stupid I was. But now I am glad I’ve already done it and I am happy for the extra credit since my teacher didn’t like my presentation (he really doesn’t like my american style of presentation).
Anyway, the olympic games where fun. Switzerland got 6 gold medals which is quiet a lot for a little country like us. I hope you all know the guy Simon Ammann! He is the one who won two of them in ski jumping! I am not related to him tho…
Alright, the rest of the post I let my pictures speak!
morning sunriseAnother nice viewAnother nice viewAnother nice viewAnother nice viewAnother nice viewa little pick of our ski areaAnother nice viewAnother nice viewAnother nice viewa baby christmas tree?Another nice viewAnother nice viewAnother nice viewAnother nice viewAnother nice view
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  • super pictures!

  • Hey Raphy, what exactly is an “American-style” presentation?

    • just my american english, and sometimes making jokes, so the listener’s don’t fall asleep xD (he doesn’t like me a lot cause of my american english… )

  • beautiful pictures!!! :)

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