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Study or Fail!

Hello everybody!

Yes, I am still alive and I haven’t given up my blog. The last 4 weeks were just really busy for me. So busy that I couldn’t even update my blog.

So, you are probably asking yourself what did Raphy do in January? Well second of week of Januray I went to a snowboard camp! I got suspended from school for a week, which was really awesome! In that camp I got trained to a snowboard instructor. We stayed in a really nice hotel! Twin rooms with televisions, bath and shower included! I expected some military barracks with really uncomfortable beds. The whole week the sun shone, the snow was perfect and I just had a blast in that snowboard trainee camp.

Third week back in school! I had to catch up with all the materials I missed. Or better I should have. Still I had to study for some exams and write two essays: one about the city “Basel” and second a portrait of a teacher. The teacher one was actually fun to write.

Week four of January I got the chance to show off all my new learned skills in snowboarding. I went to another snowboard camp, this time not as participant but as a leader. My brother came along as a participant. Sadly he does skiing and not snowboarding. (snowboarding is way better…) Otherwise I probably would have been his instructor. The camp was a snow sport camp of my school. Every grade until the 12th grade has such a camp once a year.

I had a great time. It was fun to teach some younger kids of my school some snowboarding tricks. Only bad part about the camp: There was some kind of virus going around. About 85% of all kids got sick and had to throw up for a day. panorama viewAfter having the virus 24h the kids were normally fine. Fortunately I didn’t catch the virus but my brother did. I am not telling you how many times he had to throw up that one night. It was just gross. But again, other than that, we had a great week!

Right now I have to catch up with a lot of materials and it seems like every teacher is just throwing around with test, exams, essays, books, and presentations assignments.┬áSo, right now I don’t see through the tunnel of school work, but I guess I will survive it. Since I have winter break in just one week!!!

Till then my motto is: Study or fail! :P

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  • hehe suspended. he i actually got into a little physical fight with one of my teachers… noo just kidding ;) I looked for another word, because i knew it wouldn’t be the right one, but i couldn’t find a better one! which one should i use there?

  • Hey Raphy!
    That picture doesn’t even look real. It’s incredible! Thanks for the e-mail by the way. I will be sure to give you a very detailed account of everything as soon as life calms down a bit. Like you, I’m in the middle of catch-up and class survival.
    So you got suspended!? A good guy like you!? xD hahaha…. (side note: in English, when you say “suspended from school” it means that you broke some administrative rule or legal law and so the instituition punishes you by banning you from school property. I don’t think that’s quite what you had in mind, but I could be wrong. Maybe you got into a fight with some kid and then decided to go snowboarding afterward.)
    Sounds like you had a blast at snowboarding camp (and your brother… well… sort of? xD), but I can’t imagine you not having a good time :P Next time you’re in the US we should go check out some slopes. I’ll probably just watch you show off in front of all the Americans. I kinda suck at snow sports, haha.
    Anyway, it’s great to hear from you again! Good luck with all of your classes =)

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