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Surprisingly Snow

Some times events come up really surprisingly. I already got used of the fact that my comeback in snowboarding will be somewhere in February, 2010. But then it came all differently. As some of you may know in Switzerland it is a tradition that every year the school organizes a ski camp for almost each grade. Well, my grade of course didn’t have such a privilege of a ski camp any more. We will have some project in that week :-/. But there is a possibility dsc00163to go with a younger grade as a counselor. Last week one of the teacher suddenly asked me if I still would like to be a counselor. Of course I said yes! Now I had to sign up for a snowboard counselor training camp and who thought: the first training day was last sunday!

So, last sunday I went snowboarding for the first time since more than one and a half year. I was a little worried because we had to show off some of our skills and pass a “snowboarding skill test”. But after the first run down the slop it was clear, I started right up where I stopped. Easily I passed the test and could enjoy the rest of the day!
At the last run down it got really foggy. I could barley see 2 yards wide. I got completely lost. There I was lost, somewhere in the Swiss Alps, no idea where I came from and no idea where I should go. The only way was down. I just kept going that way till I finally found an old rusty ski-lift. There was an old man who tried to tell me the way down to the main station but I could not really follow his description. I took the lift up to the tip of the mountain and tried to follow his direction. Luckily there were some other people who I could follow. I finally found the way down! Totally exhausted of the long day but really happy of my first day snowboarding in a long time, I took the train home!
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