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Since I am on vacation right now and I don’t have much time for my blog, I thought this would be the right moment to post this. This video was a project that I began while I still was in the US but I never got to finish it because I had some issues with it… Anyway here it is for everybody who made this past year such a blast!

PS. I made this with a wall, a lot of post-it stickers, a digital camera and finally my MacBook to put all the pictures into a video…

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  • hehe nice!!! :D It was definitely worth to try! I looks like you guys had a lot of fun with it! I sure did with mine xD
    hope you sisters are having fun!
    the next post is coming soon :P

  • Awwww, thanks Raphy!!
    Janet and I did something similar with stop-motion animation. Instead of post-it notes we used tomatoes. It was for a commercial contest that we did for fun… we knew we didn’t really have a shot at the grand prize ($57,000USD for first place), but it was something to do over the summer. It’s actually still on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzpJ3AEt3b0
    Yours is so much better! You know how to use a camera and play around with lighting/settings. I’ve always been impressed by your photography skills.
    Have fun on vacation! Can’t wait for the next post!
    P.S.- Janet is spending the weekend with me at U of I! She says hi :P

  • Hey-
    That was an awesome video. As a future teacher, I just LOVE post-its and they become a necessity!

    • yeah don’t they have something addictive?!

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