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Why Am I So Busy???

So, as the old readers probably noticed I am not posting as much as I used too! That has one simple reason: I am really busy right now. Am I really? I tried to put down some reasons and make a conclusion:

1. School

I have about 35 hours of school each week. That doesn’t sound like a lot. But I also have 11 classes. Sometimes, or better always, that results in a lot of homework, studying and other things that you have to do in your free time. The bad thing about school is that you can’t just come home and relax. No, you come home and study and do your homework. Or better you should be doing that… But I don’t need to tell anybody how stressful school is right?

2. Teachers

My teachers really like us. The want that we really learn something in their subject. So, each teacher makes his/her subject the most important one. But when you have 11 subjects that means you have to work in each class like it is your most important one. Does that even work? In my opinion not! My teachers also think pop test really encourage students to keep up with their material. For me this is just a bad sign that the teacher doesn’t know how to motivate his students right. Also they have the ability to let us write tests all at the same time! So one week I have about 8 test but then the other none. I think that could be worked out better.

3. Lack of motivation

It seems to be a down turn at the moment. After a great year like the one I just had, it is really hard to be back in the “real” world. To be back at your home court where many things have changed while you were gone. Also I see many thing in a different way and often not in a better way. I see how they could be improved, but I can’t help to do so. All those reason led to bad mood and that also creates stress because you can’t see through the huge pile of work you have to do.

4. Lack of doing what I should be doing!

I think this goes with point 3. Usually I am just not doing what I should be doing. When I should start studying for a test I go play the drums, When you should be doing my homework I go on my laptop and watch NBA-TV and when I should be reading a book a call a friend to escape from my duties. But this is not only with school things, also with other things I have to do… Then in the last moment I finally do what I should be doing. I guess this forth point should be called procrastination!

5. other activities

Besides school I am going to church, I play the drums and basketball, I create websites to earn some money, I have to clean the bathroom each week (I know, isn’t that horrible? :D ), I have a lot of other ideas for projects, I have this blog, and also I have to sleep! After coming home at 5 o’clock it can be really stressful going to practice come home really exhausted at 9.30 PM and still have to study and do some other stuff everybody has to do. But again this could all be worked out with a better planning and really doing what I should do.

6. Being really lazy!

I just have to admit, I sometimes am really lazy! Especially if I am not motivated,  I am REALLY lazy!


I am just a poor kid who doesn’t have any bigger issues in his life then complaining about how busy he is. My stress basically results of procrastination (and teachers)! I am still in school, my adults wish they still would have school. When I think what other issues are going on on this planet, how people die because the have not enough food, people have to leave their homes because of war. I am just fastidious! Or my life is just too good and I really don’t have other worries. Please laugh at me! Because I am laughing at myself! :D
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