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10 stupid questions about the USA


Okay, I promised an here it is. A list with 10 really stupid questions about the United States and my 100% ironic and sarcastic answer (Usually I told them how it really is afterwards ;) ).

1. Are all Americans fat?

Yes! Most people are like elephants.

2. Do Americans usually eat McDonalds?

Yes, they do. McDonald’s is probably the most important food in the United States.

3. Is an American Family like the Simpsons?

Exactly, they are all yellow and live in purple houses.

4. How many times did you actually go to McDonald’s?

For times a day: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and at Midnight cause I couldn’t wait till the next morning.

5. Is George W. Bush still President of the US?

No, not any more. Now is wife Laura Bush is the first female President.

6. Do the Americans always pray before they start school?

No, they just say the Pledge Allegiance. This because they like their flag so much.

7. Is it true that an average American watches about 10 hours TV a day?

Every person has their own little portable TV, so whenever they are bored, they can watch TV.

8. Do all African American play Basketball.

Of course. They are born with a Basketball.

9. Do all people in the States like Obama.

Yes, especially the ones who live in Texas.

10. Do all American speak English?

Do all Swiss people speak Swiss?
Again tell me your favorite and more if someone else asked you a stupid question about the States. ;)
PS. My next list will probably be about the stupid question you guys asked me during my year.

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  • #9 was awesome :D :D:D

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  • Haha…das ist so komisch!Toller Beitrag!Super!Great Blog! :D

  • crazy son!!! :-D

  • haha #9 made me laugh really hard :) l can’t wait for the list about what we asked you…. xD

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