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Are You Ready to Win?

Here I am again. Away from home in a foreign country. This time I am staying in Christchurch, UK for three months. After a bumpy flight with EasyJet I was picked up by my really friendly host family. They have a nice little house, four guinea pigs, no TV but enough food to feed hungry, hungry Raphy (sadly not with guinea pigs…) I landed in a really good place. (Again!)

Beside Besides improving enhancing my English skills I want to take the Cambridge Proficiency Exam and hopefully pass it! Since I am not a language genius I need your help for that! Right here and right now! Obviously I can’t afford to pay someone to correct all my blog posts. So I thought, why not ask all my English speaking friends to do so. This includes everybody who knows a little bit of English. Here is…

…how it works:

  1. Read my blog (-> tons of fun!)
  2. You spot a mistake (-> or two, or three, or four, but hopefully not more…)
  3. You post it(them) in the comments below

You’ll receive points:

  • Spelling mistakes: 1 point
  • Stylistic mistakes: 2 points + 1 point for explanation (also meaning: This sentence seems to be grammatically alright but it would be better this way.)
  • Grammar mistakes: 3 points + 2 points for explanation

I You can’t get more than 15 points per post!

After posting a mistake I will correct it directly into the article. From time to time I will post some extra credit assignment assignments where you can get points in a very different way. But you’ll here hear about this later.

Who will win? 

The top “editor” and one randomly picked participant! Everybody has the chance to win!


  • Top Editor: Pencilbook + 30 dollar iTunes gift card
  • Random Pick: Pencilbook + a sweet surprise ; – )

So you see, there are tons of attractive prizes for doing me this little favor. I hope you will read, comment and like my blog ; )

Any questions? -> Please ask in the comments below!

You have already notices noticed a mistake? -> Comment!


PS. I didn’t say I would never make a mistake on porpose porpuse…

PS2. PSS: To start this off, everybody everyone leaving a comment will receive 10 extra points! wohoo!

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