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Be the First!

I am not sure how many of who have noticed it yet but if you want  the  to be the first to hear of a new post you can subscribe to the mail newsletter on the right side. This will not only give you an e-mail alert when I post something new, but also give you an advantage in the contest being the first reading through any post and being able to see and correct all the my mistakes ; – )

This is an extra credit assignment:

Subscribe to my blog and receive 10 extra points!

If you have a weird e-mail address where no-one in the world can tell from who it is, please make sure to let me know in the comments or on facebook… thanks ; )


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  • “how many of who have noticed” – should be “how many of YOU have noticed.”
    “correct all the my mistakes” – should be “correct all of my mistakes.”

  • hehe thanks ;o)

  • want the be the firs – ist da nicht ein “the” anstelle eines “to” reingerutscht???

    Habe mich natürlich schon LÄNGST in die Maillingliste eingetragen :-D

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