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The Best Recipe in the World!

If  long and complicated recipes are not your thing, donʼt look any further you have found the ideal place the escape the nightmare of complex food instructions. Just recently we had to write our own recipes in college. As most of you probably know, I am more interested in the result rather than how it gets to that result. In other words, I let the cooking part figure out someone else and focus on the eating. Thatʼs just the way I was born, I guess.

Because I made a tremendous effort in writing a recipe for the traditional Swiss Sunday bread “zopf” I thought I might share it with you. However, thinking about it, I had second thoughts, because you could just look it up online somewhere else. So, I decided to show you the best and by far the most unique and hilarious recipe from your class. Thanks to Marko for allowing me to post it here. Like me, he prefers eating over cooking ;  )

How to cook a Bockwurst with bread rolls

If the other recipes are too difficult try this one!

You need (for one person):

  • 1-2 sausages, called “Brockwurst”
  • 1-2 bread rolls
  • German mustard


  1. Go to Aldi or Lidle (German grocery stores) and buy a pack of Bockwurst sausages,
    bread rolls and German mustard
  2. Slice the bread rolls in half
  3. Open the mustard jar
  4. Heat the sausages in water, but donʼt boil them lest they burst.
    For heating you can use…
    a) …an oven and a pot
    b) …a kettle (be careful that other people donʼt see it, because they wonʼt like the
    taste of sausages in their tea!)
    c) …two nails and a power cable. Stick the nails in every end of the sausage and
    attach one wire on each nail of the cable. Then plug the lead into a socket. In a
    short time the sausage is hot. Be careful! Donʼt touch the sausage during the
    heating. Donʼt be surprised if the fuse blows.
  5. Put the hot sausage on the bread roll and put mustard on it.
  6. Enjoy it!

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  • Your recipe did not state “how long the bockwurst” should remain in the hot water to be fully cooked.

  • “I let the cooking part figure out someone else” – should be “I let someone else figure out the cooking part”

    “hilarious recipe from your class.” – should be “from OUR class.”

    “How to cook a Bockwurst” – is it “brockwurst” or “bratwurst” or what?! Lol.

    Hahaha, that last cooking idea sounds dangerooouuuuusss! :P

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