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The Butterfly Effect

Jessica and I had done a phenomenal job. Indeed, we had successfully accomplished David’s request to invite as many students as possible to the next international meal. As a result over 20 students ended up going to this hospitable and entertaining night of food, idioms and worship music.

Without giving it much thought, I decided it would be best to meet at 5.30 in front of the college. As it turned out it wasn’t the brightest idea I’d ever had in my life. After the bus showed up punctual as usual here in Christchurch, twenty students embarked on the yellow bus and waited to buy the tickets. In contrast to the very friendly and patient bus driver, we earned some tense looks from the other passengers. I took part of the blame.

We waited for about ten deadly long minutes until everybody had a seat. Furthermore a long queue of cars and other buses had jammed up behind us in that narrow road. Luckily they soon managed to overtake our bus, otherwise there would have been a tailback causing total chaos in poor little Christchurch! It would have been all over the Bournemouth Daily Echo.

At last, we arrived at the venue. It was supposed to be the night where I play the drum set during the worship time.* The drum set was ready to be played, unlike the drum sticks, which couldn’t be found anywhere. Really eager and wanted to hit some toms, I thought of tools which could be used for the same purpose. After a quick visit to the kitchen I came back with chopsticks and two large wooden spoons. As it turned out, the spoons proved to be more suitable for playing the drum set.
Afterwards my friends told me that the music had a delicious and tasty sound this evening. Indeed I wished to have a plate of soup next to the drum set. Maybe I started a new thing here: Play the drums and eat the soup. Yeah?

Considering all the events this evening I concluded it was worth all the palaver; David and his staff were delighted at the massive boost to numbers and I felt content after the spoon drumming. After eating some delicious Korean food and learning idioms, David admitted that the high number of students this night gave him some butterflies in his stomach. I felt exactly the same when I played the drum set after four weeks without one rhythm.

If you have a butterfly in your stomach because you found a mistake: Please comment ;)  

* The international meal is organised by a church. So besides providing food and teaching some idioms, they usually have a small input and after that they play some Christian music to worship God.


  • “Really eager of wanting to hit” maybe should be “Really eager and wanted to hit”

    “I come back” should be “I came back”

    “high number of students this night caused him some butterflies in his stomach.” maybe switch “caused” with “gave him some butterflies…”

    Cool, sounds like a fun meal! :)

    • thanks again ;)
      yep it certainly is! (and not only because that’s the only time I get to play the drum set over here…)

  • welch wunderschönes Bild – abgesehen von der coolen Story!!!

  • …..da wäre ich ja gerne dabei gewesen…….finde im Moment keinen Fehler…..

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