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Aug 16, 2009 - England, everyday life, Fun    6 Comments

10 most asked questions:


Since I have been back I met so many old and new friends. Especially last week when school started. I listed ten of the most asked here for you guys. And yeah some of the answer aren’t really honest, but those who met me know that I am a sarcastic person… Enjoy!

1. How was it?

What do you mean? :D

2. How is it to be back in Switzerland?

Small, but it’s good to see old friends and family.

3. Are you missing the USA already?

Especially the food and of course friends and family over there.

4. Is Obama as popular as in Europe?

No there are actually people who don’t like him. It’s more split

5. How easy is high school?

:D I won’t answer this one!

6. Did you go to a lot of parties?

I have a shirt that says: “I am here for the party”. Party is always there were I am! :P

7. How are the girls over there?  (This question is only, but always asked by boys)

I think girls are all over the world the same: You can’t understand them.

8. How is the food in Chicago?

Dude! There is no better place for food than the United States! It is delicious, it is gigantic, it is mostly meat, they have 1 kg steaks! I love the USA!

9. How many times did you go to McDonalds?

I only went to McD when there wasn’t any other possibily to get some kind of nutrition.

10. How was your host-family?

I had the BEST host-family possible. It wasn’t a “host” family it’s like I found a new family in the USA. They fed my well and opened up their house. I am not kidding even if everybody says that, but mine is THE BEST USA-family you could ever imagine!

Tell me which is question your favorite in the comments and maybe one day I make a list with the most stupid ask questions about the US.

Aug 12, 2009 - England, everyday life    2 Comments

Back in School

jerry and me are ready to goTwo days accomplished. My first school day wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. My new main class teacher  was an old teacher that I already knew. (In Switzerland you are in groups of like 20 people and each group called class has their own main teacher and you stay in that group for almost every subject. But I don’t want to go too deep into the Swiss School System right now…) He could remember me, but he couldn’t remember that I was gone for one year. He was also outside of school for a half year. But at the end he figured it out and the whole class laughed because he asked me before how the past half year was and I just said it was really good and he didn’t noticed I wasn’t in Switzerland.

My new class members seem to be nice. Even tho some of them are three years younger than I am. I felt like an old soldier. But at least I already know some of them from past school experiences. We are only 17 people in our class and only three of them are girls. From my exchange year I am used to much more (girls). But at the moment I am fine with this…
One of my first class was chemistry. Or should I say Japanese? In the past year I really forgot all my chemistry stuff. I also have a crazy new teacher in that class who cares more about getting the material done than others. I really had no idea what he was talking about. I was sitting in my chair and wondering if this is a foreign languages course or chemistry. Indeed it was chemistry, but for me it wasn’t. I asked him after class to copy me some of his papers so I could starts looking through it. And then today I gave me over a 100 paper with all the material he covered and excepts now that I will read through all of them and memorize it!? CRAZY! And a lot of work for me! I thought welcome back in Switzerland!
going to schoolAt least all the other teachers are okay till fine. But it was hard to have nine hours of school again. (This is without the lunch break or the other breaks…). And getting back from having 6 classes to 12 classes is going to be hard. At least I am seeing some really old friends again and I hope they are going to help me with my knowledge I forgot in the past year. For me the motto of this school year is “Just do it” and work hard! That hopefully will do!
Aug 9, 2009 - England, everyday life    3 Comments


AletschgletscherIt is true. There were many rumors about it. I am giving my comeback. After one year pausing. After a year spending time in a different country. I am going back to old school. I am going back to my old school in Switzerland. This past year went over so fast! Too fast!

Now I am already back for more than two weeks and still EVERYTHING is sooo small. I am trying to get used of my old culture and their habits. But this is not that easy like I have imagined. Sometimes people in the US asked me about differences between the States and Switzerland/Europe. Back then sometimes I struggled with giving a good answer. But now I see a million differences. It already starts with how to say hello to someone. It’s weird but I always have to think if I just have to say hi or shake hand or hug. But the weirdest is the three time kissing thing. It is polite to kiss a girl three times on her cheek. The first time I was going the hug the girl when I noticed she only wanted to do the cheek kisses.

But also the food is really strange. Less meet, more vegetables, no ice in your water, much more pasta and less fries. Short: I miss the food. At least I could see some real cows at the trip to some cool Swiss mountains last week. I thought about taking them home and make some nice big steaks, but I don’t think the farmer would have appreciated my thought.

Finally I am actually glad to start school again. Because my jet lag hasn’t settled yet. And I am still struggled with sleeping through a whole night. Usually I wake up at around 3 AM and think about dinner. I think I need some rhythm in my sleep so I can get over the time difference. Also I am looking forward to see all of my old friends again. Of course the good ones I have seen already in t

Swiss cows

hose to week I have been back. But there are many I haven’t seen yet. And yes I am also really excited to learn new stuff, to write tests, to do homework and pay attention in class. I think everybody loves this about school! Right?