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Do You Like Photos?

Everyone always wants to see pictures and let’s be honest pictures are sometimes far more interesting than a tedious blog post. So here we go: Every week I will upload some pictures from trips and other random events. You are warmly invited to watch & comment. To start off I will give out 20 points for “the editor contest” if you tell me which one is your favourite picture!

So jump into the post to see all the good shoots. And as always correct if you see any mistakes (even though this one won’t take long ( ; )

PS. If you want some more information about the place -> google is you your friend. I won’t bother here…

Kingston Lacy


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  • “google is you friend.” *your

    And it’s so hard to pick a favorite picture! I love the long exposure ones, they’re really cool! And I love the double decker buses and Big Ben.

    Surprisingly (or not), my favorite isn’t one of anything specifically England-y, though. :P
    The flowers lining the road is just so pretty. :)

  • [...] would my British no-rain-run endure. As it turned out pretty long. During this suny period I went to London, visited the beautiful castle Kingston Lacy, went to the Durlston County Park on a fairy and [...]

  • Guess what??? I like the picture with the piano the best.
    As far as your writing skills are concerned: well done! I especially like the part with “you are warmly invited”, very proficiency! =)

    • hehe yeah I thought you might like the piano picture ;)

  • Mir gfallt das mit em akettete halbe Velo und das mit der Telefonzelle vor em Big Ben am beste :-)
    Enjoy your stay!!!

  • I really like these photos!

    5508 the most!
    I love old cars!

    As for editing, I think you may have missed a comma in the beginning, im not 100% sure.

    Edit: Everyone always wants to see pictures and let’s be honest, pictures…

    • thanks max! the owner did not really appreciate the picture as much as you did xD But he finally let me take one ;)

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