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Get An UK Postcard and Win 40 Points!

Here comes the promised extra credit assignment. Considering the large number of points I will be giving out, this will take a greater effort than just leaving a comment ; ). This time around I want you to go old-school and actually send me your greetings through a real letter or postcard! For those of you who don’t remember, real-life letter/postcard is the funny peculiar thing with a stamp on it and no, it doesn’t go into or comes out of your computer’s DVD player but is delivered by postman. Alright?

Everybody sending me something will receive 25! points. In addition, the first card will get 40!!! points. Now, because you guys are from all over the world – how awesome is that by the way – I will not determine the first by its arrival time but by its post stamp which usually has the date of departure on it. Let me know if that’s not the case in your country.

You don’t need to write a six-page letter, as it would be a little bit overwhelming anyway. A simple postcard with a short greeting will already do. In addition to the extra points you’ll receive for the contest, I will send you back a card from the UK – how awesome is that! It’s like a children’s dream coming true. I think everybody always wanted to get a letter or postcard from Great Britian. So, what are you waiting for; grab a card, write something that comes from your heart – or is at least nice – and send it right over to:

Raphael Ammann
[Contest is over]

I am looking forward to hearing from you ;)


  • “comes out off” should be “come out of”

    Oh man, I’m totally doing this! You’re right, everyone wants a postcard from GB! :D

  • New rule: If you actually get to meet Ralphy during his stay in UK (e.g. London) you get 100 points. You like?

    • maybe I like xD viellicht es biz unfair, ussert dir zahlet für mini reisekoste ;)

  • ….bin nicht sicher, ob der letzte Kommentar bei dir angekommen ist, darum hier nochmals:

    I am looking forward to……forward hat ein “r”, das bei dir scheinbar vergessen ging (ganz am Schluss).

    • jep that’s correct ;)

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