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Haircut is Like a Box of Chocolate!

haircutA hair cut is like a box of chocolate you never know what you are going to get.

As it turns out getting a haircut in the United States is way easier than in Switzerland! I remember the days where I could ask someone spontaneously if she/he has time to drive me to “Sport Clip” where I could get a haircut in ten minutes for about $ 17.-. I was happy with the result and everybody liked my haircut. (At least I thought so, don’t tell me if not…)

Now in Switzerland a different situation! For a “cheap” haircut I had to catch the train to Basel which is about 30min ride. Then I went into the barber shop and waited for about 10-20 minutes till it was my turn. A book helps you to pick a nice haircut if you want to. This time I didn’t use the book, because I learnt in the USA that you don’t use a book to let the lady know what your hair should look like at the end, especially when you are a guy. I think that was my mistake, simply because the hairdresser obviously didn’t understand what I meant. The result was NOT really satisfying. I think it is more the late 50s style, then what I had in mind. But this is not the whole story. After wards I had to pay of course, Fr. 32.50 for the actual haircut AND Fr. 3.- for the “spiking glue” that she had put in my hair. So not for a whole box only for the little amount that she had put in my hair! All in all that makes about $ 32.- for a CHEAP haircut.

Welcome to Switzerland my dad told me when I got home and told him the story. My opinion: this is crazy and I miss the United States where you have nice moms and dads who drive you for an easy and cheap haircut to Sport Clips!

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  • Excellent article, bookmarked for future referrence

  • haha well well, she styled it really weird that is true! But it also looks weird when I style it… xD
    i have to see about a picture…. ;)

  • PICTURE!!!!! DEFINITELY!!! XD!! Meg, I’m with you on this one.
    C’mon Raphy! Show us!!! >.<

  • l’m sure its not that bad :) You should shower and get the spiking glue out because she might have just styled it weird… l think you should post a picture :)

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