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Heating up the candles on the tree!

christmas piano

Alright: I hope you guys started good in 2010.Many of you asked me how we celebrate Christmas in Switzerland. Well in my family, we usually celebrate three times. One time with my Mum’s Mum, my grandmother, the second time with all our relatives of my dad’s side and last but not always least just my family. We try to work out those three parties around the 25th as best as we can. Usually we get off for Christmas break on the 23rd. So at least, we have one day for getting the last gifts and wrap them into ┬ánice presents. (I am NOT talented in wrapping presents, I usually get some help xD).
Traditionally we start Jesus’ Birthday party with a delicious dinner. We really enjoy this time with family around the table and usually eat around 1,5 hours. You guys know how slow and especially how much I am able to eat! After the main course we start lightening up the candles on the christmas tree. Yeah, we actually do that! Some times you have to risk it the get the biscuit, right?! For those of you who wouldn’t believe me last year, I added a short video! We start singing christmas carols. We usually sing till the first candles are burned down. In between some one also reads the Christmas story. Then we finally start giving out the presents, which were waiting the whole night under the christmas tree to get unwrapped. After getting all (most the time nice) present we finally have desert and then go to bed.
That’s just a short summary of a Christmas celebration in my family. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask. I am glad to answer them.
New years eve is different. My family and I go to this really cool Swiss city (Davos) up in the mountains. Every year around new year they organize a traditional ice hockey tournament (Spengler Cup). On the 31st is the final and my brothers, my dad and I go to watch it! My mum takes a long walk through the wonderful region of Davos. Sadly this year my favorite team lost. But it was a good game. So, I can’t complain too much. After the game we normally take the train home and celebrate in a quiet evening new year. Just family time…
Alright here is the video that shows evidence of the real candles on the Christmas tree. Don’t worry we’ve never had a fire and I have never heard of a Christmas tree burning down a house. God bless you ;)
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  • Woa! That just looks like your asking for a house fire, haha. Really pretty though… I’m sure you guys are experts at it by now, so no need to worry ;)
    Raphy, Peru was awesome!!! I don’t know how long Peru Post takes, but keep an eye out for that postcard. Hopefully I’ll be able to elaborate for you one of these days. At the moment I’m just trying to get myself organized to go back to school. I think for some kids the month off was torture, but I honestly could use another week.
    Glad to hear your Christmas and New Year were wonderful! Are you still on break? If you are, enjoy it. If you aren’t, well, yay for classes! xD hahaha
    Here’s to 2010!!! (two more years until ze end of the world… :O)

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