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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Have you wonderful Christmas time with much love, family and things that make you happy! Hope you get some rest and can enjoy all the celebration time!

merry christmas

PS. If you forgot why we are celebrating christmas, you can read it in the Bible just go the Luke 2: 1-10 ;-)

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  • Thanks Raphy! You too!
    Lijie says hi… I saw him a couple days ago. He’s actually going to school in Michigan, so we see a lot of him xD

    • thanks ;) yeah I saw on Facebook that he was in the states again, but i didn’t know about michigan! that’s great! tell him I say hi next time you see him!

  • Wow – häsch das selber designt???? Gseht cool us!!!

    • yep selber gmacht ;)

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