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Teacher Quote of the Day: Americans Are Hypocrites??

Today in my English class for some reason we got to the subject how to say “I am going to the bathroom”. A friend of mine said he would say “I am going to take a number 2″ my teacher said it wouldn’t be very polite and “I am going on the toilet” would be to more proper way to say it. After that I shared a story: Once I asked an old lady where the toilet was. She totally shocked answered, that a young polite boy never ever asks for the toilet, he would ask for the bath- or restroom. After telling this, my teacher threw his hands in the air and says:

“All Americans are hypocrites!”

and he added America makes movies like American Pie but don’t say toilet. How ironic! =D You need to understand the sarcasm and irony of my teacher at this point. So don’t feel to offended. I would call it cultural difference ;)

PS: Let me know how you would say “I am going to the bathroom”! :)

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French Brainstorm

bottleI shouldn’t have done it. I knew it was going to be really annoying but for some reason I had to show them. I had learnt it during a american history class and I bothered all my friends with it. I remember walking through the hall way and wet all my friends who where passing by. Yeah I showed them the whole hole in the cap of a bottle. For those who have no idea what I mean; It is easy! You take some think sharp (like a pair of scissors) and put a very little whole hole in the cap. Now when the bottle is filled with water you can splash water at every person. It’s really fun you should try it.

Anyways I showed my friends this in French class. And after 10 minutes we had about four bottles which had the ability to splash water around. You can imagine. The teacher didn’t quiet like it. As a result we have a test this thursday and I think our teacher hates water now.

For me this means I have to study French again and as some of you know, the year in Chicago wasn’t really a French supportive year. Short: I forgot almost all of it. It is even worse than I thought. When I try to study vocabulary the words are always coming in English. It is like my French brain part has been overwritten with American English. Now that I am studying French again I hope it won’t happened the same thing just the other way around. But I honestly I don’t think it will. I already open up a new part of my brain and it’s open spaced for much new language knowledge. I called it the new “French brainstorm”.

For supporting my French skills I think I will start to watch some nice French movies. (Are there any? please tell me ;) ) And I will keep my English with doing this blog and try to speak english when ever I can.

So finally if you don’t understand something what I am writing please tell me. It’s not because I have a whole hole like the bottle, it is because it could be that the old French brain part tries to mix up with the good old american english!


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An american invention!

room fanSometimes when my mom has a really creative day, and she has those a lot, she has sometimes brilliant ideas. It is really hot this days, up to a 100┬░ F and studying in my room isn’t really a pleasure without the good old ceiling fan. I just loved it. Even tho the one in my room in the USA was broken the whole year.┬áBut I mean we had one in every room, so I had the experience. At the moment I am missing the simple things from the US like the ceiling fan, the cutting thing in the sink garbage disposal or the ice cube maker (I miss the ice cubes a lot…).

So today I come home after school just thinking about how nice it would be to have a ceiling fan and then my mom sits in the living room with this awesome “ceiling fan lamp”! Awesome! Finally the american invention made it to Europe. It was about time. We installed it and now I am sitting in my room and the fan blows fresh air in my face, what a nice feeling. I feel more American now.

Else wise I am doing good. The jet lag is over. I am getting more and more used of Switzerland again and I started practicing basketball. But still I feel like half of my soul is still in the US. When I walked through the city I meet very familiar faces. On the first sight I think it is someone who I know from Chicago, but then I see it is someone else. Gladly I could find this out before I said: “dude what are you doing in Switzerland?” or something embarrassing like that. But I am glad that sometimes I really meet some faces which look familiar and I actually know them. And so I am meeting up with a lot of old friends at the moment.

So the trains are still rolling and I am working on getting back to Switzerland, but I think part of me will always be in Rolling Meadows.

Greetings to everybody back in the suburb of Chicago

PS: Feel free to correct my english or to write just a comment xD