Apr 26, 2012 - England    2 Comments

[Picture Time III] Singing in the Rain

Finally some pictures again! This last few weeks have been very British: meaning rainy, sunny, windy and even some hail all in one day! However, I still managed to go on some nice trips and to take some snapshots for you guys. I hope you enjoy it, if you do let me know and tell me which is your favourite.

Which one of the three places I visited do you think was the ancient capital of England?




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  • “This last few weeks” – should be “These last few weeks” (weeks is plural, these is plural)

    “I hope you enjoy it,” – should be “I hope you enjoy them,” (plural photos)

    I love the photos! Especially the lighthouse ones! :)

  • Aus dem Bauch heraus w├╝rde ich sagen Southhampton…..

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