May 31, 2012 - England    2 Comments

[Picture Time V] – Stonehenge

On my last trip I went to the famous place Stonehenge to see the iconic stone monument. Besides the interesting part about how they might have been brought there and what they were for, I was really disappointed. Due to an overrun of tourism, they put a big fence around the monument and now make you pay 7£! to get closer to the stones. Well, we didn’t pay but I was still able to get some pictures. After the click you can see some of them ;)

Again you can get some extra credit for the contest: Tell me your favorite shot in the comments and you’ll receive 5 points just like that!


  • 29/36 Is my favorite! That was a cool reflective thing!

    …isn’t it called Stonehenge? How strange.

  • Es sind wieder einige ganz tolle Bilder – ich kann mich schwer entscheiden. In der Endrunde ist das Bild Nr. 3 mit der schrägen Brücke und das Bild der jungen Frau im Rollstuhl vor der Kathedrale – ich glaub ich nehm das. Die SPiegelungen gefallen mir auch sehr!! Übrigens: Deine Frisur sieht völlig normal aus – sind die Haare schon wieder nachgewachsen??

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