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The Swiss Weekend

Today I am going to tell you how my weekend normally looks like. So here we go:


My weekend starts already at 11.50 am! (Chicago time at 4.50 am!!!) Yeah when you go to school or start working on friday I have already reached the weekend. Friday afternoon I have my afternoon off but about my week schedule another time. Anyway, on a friday afternoon I usually do as much homework as I can. Now you might think what a nerd! But nerd isn’t the right word. The right word would be smart then this way I really don’t have to think about anything that consists school and homework on my weekend!

Friday night I have basketball practice till 8.30 pm and till I get home it’s already about 9.30. Normally I am to lazy to go out on fridays (only if there is something really amazing or a friend’s birthday). When I get home from hard practice I throw a pizza in the oven and watch TV. Well lets just say I get ready for saturday.

SaturdayMe and my brother at the club I sleep in. Sometimes till noon, sometimes longer. It all depends what my duties are on schedule. Every saturday my parents also abuse me to clean the bathroom and vacuum clean the stairs. I know isn’t that crazy? The really put me to work so I can live for free in their house. After finishing my duty I check in with my friends or like yesterday with my brother. Hanging out with friends, go to the moving theater, party or just  go out is the usual stuff I am doing on a saturday night. As I said, last night I went out with my brother. We went clubbing which is a common saturday night activity of a young Swiss in my age. “A2″ was the name of the club. The music was loud, the club stuffed with about 300 crazy people and two difference dance floors were lightened with blue, green, red, yellow lasers. After having tons of fun I got home at 2 am. My brother stayed till 4 am which is normal for him :P .

Sunday is really relaxing again. I am not doing a lot. Just enjoying the day of rest, hanging with my family or really good friends are the manner. Sometimes we visit our relatives or go swimming or watch Formula 1. In the evening I go to my church. The church I am going to is in the near by city Basel. I am taking the train and then a European like tram. I usually get back at about 10 am. And are ready for the next week.

Finally I have to say that every weekend actually is really different but if I don’t have something special going on, which I have a lot, my weekend looks like that.

If you have any questions about it I am glad to answer them!

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  • I don’t like to clean! but i like the bread…

  • what a sarcastic son…. Dont forget that you normaly also make sunday-bread for our family and that you like to clean…. ;-)

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